SEO Best Practices for B2B Companies – 3 Suggestions

1. Creating Marketing Content with Quality

According to Loren McDonald, Vice President of the Industry Relations of Silverpop, an IBM Company:

The future of B2B marketing will combine a prospect’s social graph, online behavior, content interactions, demographic and firmagraphic information with scoring, predictive analytics and marketing, content and salesforce automation.

“In the future, explicit and implicit data will be fed into a predictive analytics engine to score prospects based on authority, influence, vendors used, interactions and relationships.”

When a prospect signs up for a white paper or Webinar, for example, explicit and implicit data will be fed into a predictive analytics engine that will score the prospect on authority, influence, vendors used, content they’ve interacted with, relationships with your company, etc.

The analytics engine then will feed the content and marketing automation engine that delivers each content type in the channel the prospect is most likely to engage.

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Apparently, Loren McDonald emphasized here the quality of the content of SEO and other social media marketing tools. All relevant information about the product of your company must be stated in your marketing content and it must be written in a way that it can attract your target company to become your client.

2. The Uniqueness of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine traffic is highly targeted. That's because potential buyers who find your B2B offerings through search engines are looking for your products and services on their own, so they are predisposed to hear your marketing message. You can’t find a more qualified prospect than that. Here’s what distinguishes search engine marketing from other types of advertising

  1. Non-Intrusive:  Search marketing is a non-intrusive marketing tool. Most advertising, both online and offline, interrupts consumer behavior. If a user goes to a web site for info, up pops an intrusive ad. Reading a newspaper? Ads dominate and force articles to be continued on another page. With search engine marketing, the user is actively seeking your products, services, and information. They are delighted to be driven to your site.
  2. Voluntary: Search marketing is the result of user-originated behavior. Your visitors from search engines and directories have voluntarily clicked on your listing rather than any competitors, thus they are motivated to explore your offerings.

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3. Create The Best Possible Website for Your Business

Most companies have their own website. It is your best marketing tool to introduce and promote your company.  Most of the buyers today make research on products online. They consider browsing through the internet as the fastest way to look for their company’s requirements.

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