About Us

Our Approach

Deeply understanding your customers and prospects is core to marketing success.

Marketing tactics come in and out of favor. Evolving technologies impact the ways in which we communicate our messages. Tactics and technologies are constantly changing. But what doesn’t change is that to be successful in marketing you must deeply understand your customer or prospect.

Further, you must promote your value proposition in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them.Too often, businesses become engrossed by what they “feature” and fail to state the “benefits” that they provide. Some of the greatest increases in marketing results can be achieved simply by focusing primarily on the benefits your customers or prospects will receive.

We strive to develop your “marketing voice” so that it helps to drive your business forward. And, we attempt to objectively make decisions based on data.

We respect your organization’s people, processes, history and budget and work collaboratively to improve your marketing effectiveness.

What We Offer


We bring 30+ years of practical knowledge and skills to the table. These skills were honed across a wide-ranging base of industries (technology, banking, payment services, and investment management), organizational sizes (small, medium and large companies) and audiences (B2B and B2C environments.)


As an outsider, we are able to view your situation with a fresh perspective. We apply lessons learned over the years to your particular challenges. We’ve seen and experienced good and bad marketing and can provide solid perspectives that are relevant to your situation.


While many of the principles of “good” marketing are easy to understand, bringing those principles to life can be difficult. We’ve got hands-on experience developing, creating and executing marketing programs and campaigns and you can count on our leadership to guide your team.

Our Team

  • Bob Derr
    Bob has 30 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C environments with companies including Microsoft,…
  • Graphic Designers
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  • Content Developers
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  • Program Managers
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  • Web Designers
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